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September 14th, 2010

Material Forecasts Focus of 2011 Commodities Outlook

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More than 100 manufacturers will gather Thursday for the 2nd annual Commodity Trends 2011 Outlook – the second annual materials forecasting conference hosted by The Right Place/Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center-West and its Supply Chain Management Council

The current economic climate worldwide continues to significantly impact supply chains across the manufacturing landscape.  Developing an effective sourcing strategy is critical for improving the financial health and competitiveness of manufacturing firms.   The Right Place/MMTC-West is dedicated to strengthening West Michigan manufacturers and is hosting this event as part of that strategy. 

This event will provide critical data on feedstock trends, giving manufacturers insights into the trends and influencing factors affecting such manufacturing commodities as:

  • Metals (including steel, aluminum, hot rolled, cold rolled, zinc and magnesium)
  • Plastics
  • Logistics and Transportation

Presentations and speakers include:

  • Logistics Industry Update: Sean Hoover, Ocean Cargo Manager, and Jeremy Geertsma, Domestic Manager, Expeditors’ Detroit District
  • Non-Ferrous and Ferrous Metal Market Update: Lisa Reisman, Co-Founder and Editor, MetalMiner
  • Global Steel Pricing: Roger Bassett, President & CEO, Plymouth Steel Corporation
  • The Great Petrochemical Rebalancing Act: Chuck Carr, Director of Propylene Studies, Chemical Market Associates Inc. (CMAI)
  • Market Dynamics – Impact of the Recent Supply and Demand Challenges in the Engineering Plastics Market: Mark D. Wasilenski, Product Marketing Manager, BASF Corporation


Registration remains open for this event with details provided here.


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